Procedure for Judging


Interview with Judges – 30%

Each contestant will be privately interviewed for five minutes by our panel of five judges prior to the onstage Pageant. A variety of questions are asked to draw out their ability to converse as well as measure their ability with topics that call for opinions and attitudes.

Philosophy of Life – 20%

Judges will listen to the content and depth of this 35 second statement spoken in her own words. Stating the principles, which the contestant says have guided her life, reflect insight, “inner beauty” and wisdom. Does her statement convey a positive view and bring inspiration and hope?

Evening Gown and Stage Presence – 20%

Each contestant will present herself onstage in her evening gown while the Mistress of Ceremonies gives a brief overview of the individual. The judges will be looking for poise, comfort before an audience, grace and elegance.

Talent – 30%

Each contestant will present a 2 minutes 45 seconds performance on stage. Judges will be looking for a well-rehearsed presentation with dignity and style, along with creativity and expertise. Judges will evaluate her ability to entertain and/or inspire. “Technical difficulties, i.e. audio, lighting, props, etc.” will not influence the evaluation.



We salute and honor Senior Women! Women who have reached the age of 60, with their knowledge and life experience, are the foundation of our society.


Marleen Schuss,
State Administrator at 516 678 3242


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