Marleen Schuss

marlineMARLEEN SCHUSS, State Administrator

Marleen has been interested in dance since childhood. As an adolescent she was an outstanding student of classical ballet and appeared frequently on the Horn & Hardart Children’s Hour TV program. She danced in ballet performances at Hofstra College where she received her degree in elementary education and psychology. She went on to teach elementary school on Long Island. Marleen has 6 children and 13 grandchildren. When her children were grown, Marleen established her own business in home and fashion design and pursued that career for many years. Expanding her talents, Marleen became a well known party planner for social events on Long Island and New York City. In 1990 Marleen became associated with Ms. New York Senior America. Working closely with Ethel, Marleen became co-director, and in 2006, she became State Administrator of Ms. New York Senior America.



We salute and honor Senior Women! Women who have reached the age of 60, with their knowledge and life experience, are the foundation of our society.


Marleen Schuss,
State Administrator at 516 678 3242


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