Elisabeth Zamarelli

ELIZ ZAMARELLI PICAssistant State Administrator

Elisabeth Zamarelli, Ph.D. Ms. New York Senior America 2010, a graduate of St. Joseph’s College, C.W. Post/Long Island University, and Hofstra University has also attended St. John’s University and Columbia University. Her dedication and perseverance concluded earning her Ph.D. in Special Education. Continued interest in the art of enhancing reading and writing, and administration, she earned her Certificate in Advanced Study from Hofstra University and additionally earned permanent certification in the teaching of reading from New York State.

Pursuing additional knowledge of dyslexia and the developmentally disabled, she has participated in programs that enhanced her understanding and work in these areas.

In her mid-sixties, Elisabeth embarked on another facet of her life: one that would present new challenges and enlarge her more playful, yet demanding side of life. The world of pageantry has, without a doubt, increased my ability to face failure as well as success, to learn to struggle through adversity, to strengthen character, to develop mental stamina, and to enhance communication ability. Beginning in 2005, after becoming 1st. runner-up in the Ms. New York Senior America Pageant, she continued in pageantry and in 2009 won and became All American Lady. Subsequent successes were: Lady Petite America, Lady Petite World, Elite American beauty and of course 2010 Ms. New York Senior America. This success led to her competing in the National Competition in Atlantic City where she placed in the top ten.

Aging is nothing to fear, but rather embrace. In addition to the above, she has been an Auxiliary Police Officer in Suffolk County, a member of a myriad of professional organizations, involved in non-profit organizations, and is currently, by way of legislative appointment, serving on the Suffolk County Women’s Advisory Commission and was recently elected Secretary.

In life, the message is simple: learn to embrace it, become resilient, resourceful and versatile.

Accomplishments will happen when you do something positive to make yourself and your world a better place.



We salute and honor Senior Women! Women who have reached the age of 60, with their knowledge and life experience, are the foundation of our society.


Marleen Schuss,
State Administrator at 516 678 3242


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