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Alure Home Improvements 

The Halperin Law Firm, PLLC – Guy S. Halperin

All Dazzle                                                                                               

Good Old Gold

Spark Realty, LLC – Martine and Bruce Klein                              

The Bresky Law Firm, PLLC – Marc Bresky, Kyle Halperin

Meyer, Suozzi, English, and Klein– Jack Rubinstein,

 Shechtman, Halperin and Savage, Law Firm – Preston Halperin

Robert Geltman     

Kay Hill, Ms. New York Senior America 2006

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Lee Ann Brill, Ms. New York Senior America 2018

Lord and Taylor



Dolores J. Brown                                                                      
A Floral Celebration of Babylon
June Claire Dance Studio                                                      
Lorraine Mund
The Print Cafe of LI, Inc. – Anita Marco                                                  
Richard Sabatino
Shirley Campbell
Donna Dean
Banz Hair Salon

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We salute and honor Senior Women! Women who have reached the age of 60, with their knowledge and life experience, are the foundation of our society.


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