Former Queens


DOLORES HOFMAN, New York Senior America Queen 2016

It was so good to be “Queen!”  Is my reign really over??  It was the fastest year of my life!!  Although….once a Queen, always a Queen 🙂  Not only was I honored, I was humbled by holding the title of Ms. New York Senior America 2016 and on top of that making the Top 10 in Atlantic City for the title of Ms. Senior America!  WOW, every little girl’s dream come true.

It is so nice that we get to keep our crown and sash!  Just last week,  as I was driving away from my home, a friend  stopped  me to introduce me to his mother.  She got so excited and said “I have seen all of your photos and hear your stories; can I have a photo with you?”  Her daughter-in-law, jokingly, said to me: “do you have your crown with you?”   I answered: “Of course, I go nowhere without it!”  In my trunk I went, placed the sash over my head and crown on top of my head and in the middle of the street, our photo was taken.  You should have seen her face and heard the cheers!  It is so heartwarming to be able to inspire so many females, both young, old and in between alike!

LOVE my Cameo Sisters and know that they will be with me for the rest of my life.  I give thanks, especially to Marleen Schuss and Bob Geltman of the New York Senior America organization, for doing ALL they do and for affording  me the opportunity to enjoy all of these wonderful, magical  memories and truly have the time of my life!



We salute and honor Senior Women! Women who have reached the age of 60, with their knowledge and life experience, are the foundation of our society.


Marleen Schuss,
State Administrator at 516 678 3242


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